About GLX

Redefining Electrification

About Us

GLX started with a desire to see a green and renewable filled future at an affordable & sustainable cost. Yet how a green future could be achieved in the early 2000s was daunting and still is when asking:

How can electricity be as portable as water and as cost effective as oil?

After 15 years of product development and roll-outs of clean-tech & advanced energy firms we developed an all in one battery technology (Cognicell™) and created a business with the potential to answer our question.

10 years on, refining our business model, partners, markets, and technology, GLX is at a stage ready to deliver on its mission of enabling full electrification.

Our Mission

Forged from the same fire as our technology, GLX aims to make impacts with careful and deep consideration. Leaving behind simplicity and ingenuity.

Enabling Electrification

Perhaps more than anything we are determined to make the widespread electrification desired by OEMs and consumers possible. Thereby making carbon neutralization a reality in both the scale of adoption and cost.

Regrowing our Sector

To power the future, power needs to be managed, controlled and safe. The US used to be the world leader in this space, we aim to bridge this crossing for ourselves and as many others as possible.

Industrialization 4.0+

We are committed to helping the US become a leading world manufacturer as the new industrial revolution commences. Adding Energy Storage & Power Electronics to this era of manufacturing and Internet of Things (IoT). Enabling OEMs to scale their manufacturing into new horizons.

Our Future

A world where green electricity is a true competitor to fossil fuels on all fronts exists today together with Cognicell™, Batteries, and renewables. We thus are focused on the vision of wide scale adoption of our product.

Industrialization 4.0+

By strategically scaling the productive capacity of Cognciell™, we believe we can meet OEM and customer demand for our technology.

Widespread Novel Energy Exchange

In congruence with a growing manufacturing power, GLX’s Cognicell© Powered™ products will spread synchronously with OEM electrification scaling efforts into 2030 and beyond. Exponentially growing the possibilities of energy exchange.

Changing the way the world moves.

Chargerless Fleet vehicles that today move services, people, and goods will also move energy.

Enabling new types of Direct Energy Exchange:

Join Us

We believe in human talent and ideas from all origins and backgrounds. Contact us to inquire for exciting job opportunities.

First of its kind.

By simplifying traditional power electronic components we fundamentally disrupt industry. Cognicell™ makes electrification more affordable and logistically conceivable. Allowing for new concepts of e-mobility, energy use, exchange, and storage to be realised.

Inquire about our revolutionary technology, & the future altering vision it enables GLX to achieve.