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The following forms for contact and inquiries relate but are not limited to: OEM integration, proposals, Requests for Prototypes, partnerships, & media inquiries.

We look forward to doing business with you.


If you are an OEM or Battery Manufacturer please share your phone number and relevant information with us and we will delegate contact with a relevant member of our team as soon as possible.


Contact our careers team to inquire for exciting job opportunities. We look forward to speaking with you and looking over any relevant material and your CV.


Common questions from our stakeholders, customers, and partners:

Cognicell™ is a patented and trademarked power electronics technology platform, Low-voltage silicon-based switches are cascaded into a modular, multi-cell, and multi-level (M3) active battery management and power converter/inverter system. Taking form in a board or chip inside a battery pack.

The system functionality (i.e., the management and control of the M3 system) is software-defined

No GLX makes an embedded system that is systems integrated into a battery, battery module or battery pack.

GLX sells to global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who want to innovate with next generation technology, develop new products, implement more advanced design for manufacturing (DFx) capabilities, and optimize the supply chain with CapEX and/or OpEX cost savings

OEMs approach GLX, sign a Mutual Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and deliver a purchase order for a prototype/MVP. This MVP system is integrated into the OEM end-product as a Cognicell® Powered™ solution. Thereafter, the OEM enters into a product supply contract or manufacturing licensing agreement. Typically this GLX product is supplied to a Tier-1 or Tier-2 supplier who provides a complete subassembly (i.e., a complete battery pack). Read more about this here.

End-Users (EU) may approach GLX (e.g., department of defense, electric power utility, etc.), sign an NDA and provide a purchase order or enter a contract for a prototype/MVP (test articles and/or low-rate initial production units) for testing and evaluation. Thereafter, the EU will work with GLX to transition the MVP into production with one or more OEMs (see item 6 above)

Yes, GLX warrants and supports its products to OEMs who service the end-product in the market.