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Our Services

Start to Finish Cognicell™ Integration for OEMs

GLX offers OEMs end-to-end services for Cognicell integration into their products.

Our Process

Starting with prototypes GLX builds a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) & ends with product supply & support in Tier 1 & Tier 2 supply chains enabling Cognicell© Powered™ end-products.


Accommodating our customers

By strategically scaling the productive capacity of Cognciell™, we believe we can meet OEM and customer demand for our technology.

Our Key Services

Applications development

Vehicle integration and end product integration. Primarily software development and performance optimisation.


We offer training for OEMs in house training departments for technical support, dealers, installation, and service partners.

Design for manufacturing & scale-up

We work directly with our OEM customers to customise the battery and power electronics subsystems to meet manufacturing requirements.

Type approval & certification

GLX supports the OEM to obtain type approval & certification in their name. This certification follows the end-product.

Supervision & audits

If an OEM has processed through prototype and Minimal Viable Product (MVP) the customer may choose to license manufacturing. At which point GLX offers supervision and audits. This service also applies to regular product & software supply.

Technical support

In this area we support the OEM product development as they integrate our customised electronics products. In addition, after-sales support is also available for escalation services.

Our Teams Consist of:

Lead GLX Engineers

A Project Manager(s)

Service Engineers

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